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It’s Pantomime time with Chris Clarkson and The Legend of Robin Hood at Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds written by Chris Hannon.  25th November – 14th January 

The Legend of Robin Hood

Pity the impoverished people of Nottingham – their scheming Sheriff keeps relentlessly raising his taxes. Most folks have had to quit the city and move out to Sherwood Forest, as Nottingham becomes the preserve of the uber-rich with polished carriages, long leather boots and bags of gold!

Yet fear not, for a hero has emerged: Robin of Loxley! Not only does he steal from the rich and give to the poor, but he also looks fantastic in tights. Thankfully, Robin is not alone. No-nonsense Maid Marion, loud-mouthed Little Joan and puny pauper, young Rob have joined the fight.

It’s people power vs ‘the man’. Let’s just hope the little guy can save the day!

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