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Tonight is press night at Bolton Octagon Theatre. Dracula: The Bloody Truth is beginning it’s run and plays until June 29th.
Then transfers to Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough until 27th July.

Dracula: The Bloody Truth
A hilarious and madcap comedy retelling of the iconic gothic classic

It’s 1900. Dracula, the best-selling novel by Bram Stoker was released three years ago and Professor Abraham Van Helsing is not happy. He was there. He knows The Truth. The Bloody Truth.

And The Truth must come out. Professional vampire hunter Van Helsing has gathered a troupe of highly trained, versatile actors to tell the story of the vampire who sailed from Transylvania to Whitby leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Grab a sharpened stake and a clove of garlic and join Professor Van Helsing for the theatrical performance of a lifetime in this brand new comedy theatre show.

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