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Hull Truck have their opening night tonight with A Christmas Carol, based on the Novella by Charles Dickens and adapted by Deborah McAndrew.

A Christmas Carol

On a cold Christmas Eve, four spirits conspire to show Ebenezer Scrooge the error of his ways. His old business partner, Jacob Marley has returned from the dead to offer him a second chance, if he can change his mean and miserly behaviour.

Nowhere are the effects of poverty more keenly felt than in the Cratchit family, especially by their youngest son, Tiny Tim. As Scrooge’s inspirational journey shows him both the hardship and love of those around him, he is reminded of his own powers of charity and kindness.

This thrilling adaptation of Dicken’s classic Christmas ghost story, set in Hull, is a magical, festive treat for all the family.

British Sign Language (BSL) will be embedded into the production of A Christmas Carol. Both Adam Bassett (Bob Cratchit) and Emma Prendergast (Mrs Cratchit) will creatively integrate BSL into their performances and audiences can easily follow the story simply by watching* the action unfolding on stage.

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