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The London run of Marvellous @SohoPlace has come to an end and Michael has transferred back up to the New Vic to embark on the Christmas run of Alice in Wonderland playing until January 28th.


Alice in Wonderland
By Lewis Carroll
Adapted and directed by Theresa Heskins

Revisit the greatest children’s story of all time this Christmas, and join us as we take a trip to Wonderland!

Journey with Alice as she follows the White Rabbit into a curiously enchanting new world, filled with even curioser characters.

As she searches for a way home, Alice encounters strange and whimsical people: a disappearing cat with a grin wider than she’s ever seen, a Mad Hatter whose tea party never quite serves tea, and a bad tempered Queen who is looking for her jam tarts…

An adventure like no other, Alice In Wonderland is filled with fun, laughter and lots of magical moments. Brought to life in the New Vic’s sensational trademark style, this is a story that will give the young – and young at heart – a joyful festive treat this year!

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Watch the amazing trailer HERE