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This week Northern Broadside & New Vic Theatre Co-production of Quality Street opens at New Vic Theatre.

Playing 3 – 25 Mar 2023 and setting off on a tour ending July 7th. 

A Northern Broadsides and New Vic Theatre Co-production

Phoebe Throssel runs a school for unruly children on Quality Street.

Ten years since a tearful goodbye, an old flame returns from fighting Napoleon. But the look of disappointment on Captain Valentine’s face when he greets an older, less glamorous Phoebe, spurs our determined heroine to action.

She becomes the wild and sparkling Miss Livvy, a younger alter-ego who soon beguiles the clueless Captain. As their romance is rekindled, can she juggle both personas? Or will the deception scandalise the town and wreck any future with the man she loves?

Northern Broadsides and New Vic Theatre revive this hit regency comedy, stirring in a good helping of Yorkshire wit from the retired workers of the Halifax factory where Quality Street have been proudly made since 1936.

Think Bridgerton meets Inside the Factory.

Get tickets and more information HERE