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Rehearsals are well under way and it’s not far off opening night! Eithne and the cast of The Scousetrap will be performing at Liverpool Royal Court from 23rd September – 29th October

The Scousetrap

Liverpool, 1940. The Germans have turned their focus on the biggest port in country and surely it is only a matter of time before their bombs land on the Royal Navy’s Command Centre. The only thing that has kept Liverpool safe until now is that Adolf Hitler used to live in the city and is still scared of his old landlady. And they haven’t found the Command Centre…yet!

Lord John Borisson, philandering eccentric First Lord of the Admiralty, needs to maintain the war effort by rooting out any German spies, but he can’t do it on his own. The question is – who can help? The answer is to call in the ciy’s greatest private detective, Miss Inga Marble.
Marble’s reputation as a maverick gumshoe is unequalled in polite society. Or impolite society to be honest. But how will her unorthodox approach fare in this most complex of mysteries? Will she unmask the murderer before the interval or are the rest of the cast toast?
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