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You can see Eithne in Work It Out at HOME Manchester until March 16th.

Work It Out

A sharply funny drama about everything but exercise…

I’m standing here. Wishing I hadn’t come. Staring at my phone, pretending to text, feeling the others watching me. And then the teacher, this perfect, pretty, smiley woman with no problems, says how good it is for my mental health if I start jumping about like a dickhead. Yeah right. 

Yet something makes them stay. Something about a shared experience, something about desperation, something about being in a too-big too-bright room in the community centre… And then the music starts.

Work It Out follows a community based fitness class where a rag tag band of participants, all with their own issues, swallow their fear and step out of their comfort zones. Together, they work out their problems with music, exercise and gallows humour. But amidst the sweat and camaraderie there is a simmering mix of fragile egos and impulsive behaviour that threatens to boil over at any moment.

This compelling comedy drama by award-winning writer-performer Eve Steele weaves a bittersweet tale of triumph, friendship, and conquering inner demons.

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