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It’s opening night for Robert and the rest of the cast of A Leap In The Dark, which begins it’s four week run at New Vic Theatre

A Leap In The Dark By Ron Hutchinson

Cedric Maud’s a man with a plan. He and his assistant Grace believe a play made specially for the wireless could be just the thing to entertain listeners and put the newly formed BBC on the map.

With the broadcast date fast approaching, they ask an impresario with a reputation for producing ‘avant-garde’ theatre to direct the programme. He’s not sure how a play could work without a set and costumes and with the audience unable to see the actors, but he knows he’s not letting the job go to that upstart Noël Coward. So, supported by his wife’s unique brand of guidance, he sets to work.

Will they be able to find a writer willing to take the job? Will the actors be able to hold the listeners attention with only their voices? And how will audiences know what on earth is going on?

This fast-paced comedy caper sees eight actors take on a whole host of characters as we pay homage to the BBC and the invention of one of the most-loved artforms of the last century.

Original Commissioner BBC Radio 4

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