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Wishing Tarek and the cast of The Book of Will a fantastic run at Bolton Octagon.

The King’s Men are getting the band back together. Their goal: to gather the Bard’s scattered masterpieces and save his words before they’re lost to history.

Shakespeare has barely been dead for 3 years when a pirated Hamlet rip-off hits a stage near the Globe Theatre. His old acting troupe friends are livid.

To save Will’s works for the ages, they hatch a near-impossible plan to collect his words on paper, setting them off on a bonkers race against time through London.

Their hearts are on the line and those they love are counting on them – to maybe leave a legacy that will last forever…

Book of Will

Bolton Octagon 17 May – 3 June Buy your tickets HERE

Shakespeare North 19th October – 11th November  Nook your tickets HERE