Oldham Theatre Workshop’s production of Twinkle and the Mechanical Light Machine opens this week at Oldham Libraries. Victoria and the rest of the cast will be performing from now until December 30th. 

Twinkle and the Mechanical Light Machine

A child whose lost their sparkle, a town where the Christmas lights have mysteriously gone out. After a difficult year, the people of the town aren’t feeling very festive, some have even forgotten how to be kind.

Everything seems hopeless until Twinkle meets the light mechanics who promise that hope is not lost. On the coldest, darkest of wintery nights, can Twinkle help to fix the mechanical light machine in time for Santa to find his way on Christmas Eve?

A captivating story with delightful music and unforgettable characters. Twinkle and the Mechanical Light Machine is an enchanting story about the power of the light within every child.

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