Ida has been working with Theatre Centre on the educational tour of Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees

Award-winning writer Charlotte Josephine’s new play fuses spoken word, a specially commissioned soundtrack and explores the complicated nature of teenage relationships. 

As explicit photos of the school’s ‘it’ couple go viral, and real-world consequences of online life spread, so do everyone’s opinions. 
Leilah is starting to wonder if her Instagram feels more like a burden than ‘living her best life’. 
Aarron is learning how to be a man online and it’s starting to feel toxic. 
Maisy’s not that into sex, thank you very much. So  why’s everyone always talking about it? 
 Billy’s queer and proud, accepted by their friends but ignored by the education system. They’re tired of feeling invisible.
Thrown together in detention, will these four look past their differences, tackle some scary questions and realise their own power to make change?