Victoria Brazier

Victoria Brazier


31 – 40 years


Eastern European, Scandinavian, White


American-Standard, Birmingham, Essex, Heightened RP, Lancashire, Manchester*, Northern, RP*, Yorkshire


A Cappella, Choral Singing, Classical Singing, Flute, Folk Singing*, Lyric soprano, Opera, Piccolo, Sight-Reading, Singing (general), Soprano*


Actor-Musician, Actor-Singer, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Children’s Theatre, Musical Theatre, Poetry Reading, Radio Drama, Sight-Reading (non-musical), Voice Acting, Voice Over


English*, French

Actor’s Latest News

Chris JackVictoria Brazier

Victoria Brazier and Chris Jack

                Whodunnit at the Coliseum comes to Oldham Coliseum. Return to the theatre for the first time since March 2020 without physically leaving your home. You will be presented with a series of choices that determine which scenes you see, and have the chance to…
Jane Hollowood
April 12, 2021
Victoria Brazier

Victoria Brazier

                You can hear Victoria in the role of Haberdasher in Filament Projects audio play The Cherry Coloured Coat until the end of February 2021 (more…)
Jane Hollowood
December 7, 2020
Victoria Brazier

Victoria Brazier

Victoria is an actor-singer and actor-musician whose main instrument is the Flute. She is an experienced radio drama performer with a wonderful ear for accents. (more…)
Jane Hollowood
January 23, 2020

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