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Marvyn Dickinson

24e9f316-eefe-4d47-b1ee-21909ef2a60eMarvyn is filming the new series of Class Dismissed for CBBC

Mike Hugo

Peter-Pan-In-Scarlett-New-Vic-Oxford-Playhouse (1)Mike is appearing in Peter Pan in Scarlet playing at New Victoria, Stoke, and Oxford Playhouse

Chris Jack

UntitledChris is in rehearsal for The Two Noble Kinsmen, directed by Blanche McIntyre, and The Rover directed by Loveday Ingram for the RSC.

Patrick Bridgman

BS408976_429longPatrick has been appearing in Snail and the Whale, directed by Toby Mitchell for Tall Stories.



The agency originally opened in Manchester in 1998.

Jane Hollowood and Java Bere now represent a wide range of versatile actors in film, television, theatre and radio throughout the country.